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Writing to Nobody

Posted by Madame Lasagna on April 14, 2019 at 9:15 PM

It's a Sunday night, I have nothing due tomorrow except for a chem quiz (chemistry comes surprisingly easy to me, so I only had to study for about 30 mins), I'm listening to Top 2010 hits in my bed, and I'm still doing that "social outcast" challenge I created, which is temporarily preventing me from doing my favorite time-wasting activities. So here I am.

Y'know, I came here to vent about my narcissistic mother who I just realized has a huge impact on my awkward, anxious and worrisome personality, how much misophonia makes me want to jump off a cliff multiple times a day (now a new trigger I have is the kid next to me in 5th period who obnoxiously smacks his food in his mouth all the freaking time), and just more about how much life sucks in general. However, I don't think anyone (or nobody, in my case) wants to hear about my useless rants. Instead, I'm going to actually write a story for the first time in forever (besides writing for English class, but that doesn't count).

I used to write a whole lot in 8th grade, and--

Alright, sorry for this interruption, but "Say Aah" by Trey Songz just came on in the "Top 2010 Hits" playlist, and my childhood has just been ruined for the thousandth time. When I was younger, I thought this song was an absolute BOP! I loved dancing to it, and I thought it was just about alcohol. Buuuut, now that I heard the ending when the ad libs changed to "tilt your head back... there you go... oh, uh, no hands, baby..." then I knew. Rip me.

...Anyways, I used to write a lot in 8th grade just for fun (mainly stupid stories my friends and I made on Wattpad), so I'm deciding to bring that back and just write a short story every now and then. Writing and complaining about my life isn't really going to solve anything, so today I'm going to be using a random prompt generator to write a small story. (I may just write a bit tonight and finish it another day.)

Okay, it wasn't 2 minutes, but I just really liked this image. I actually spent around 5 minutes looking for a random prompt that I thought would suit me, and this is what I found-

A major villain is unexpectedly pregnant with the child of a major protagonist.

Yup, veeery interesting. Buuuuut it's 10:30 and I'm tired, so I'll be back later ;)

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