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Writing to Nobody

Posted by Madame Lasagna on April 14, 2019 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (45)

It's a Sunday night, I have nothing due tomorrow except for a chem quiz (chemistry comes surprisingly easy to me, so I only had to study for about 30 mins), I'm listening to Top 2010 hits in my bed, and I'm still doing that "social outcast" challenge I created, which is temporarily preventing me from doing my favorite time-wasting activities. So here I am.

Y'know, I came here to vent about my narcissistic mother who I just realized has a huge impact on my awkward, anxious and worrisome personality, how much misophonia makes me want to jump off a cliff multiple times a day (now a new trigger I have is the kid next to me in 5th period who obnoxiously smacks his food in his mouth all the freaking time), and just more about how much life sucks in general. However, I don't think anyone (or nobody, in my case) wants to hear about my useless rants. Instead, I'm going to actually write a story for the first time in forever (besides writing for English class, but that doesn't count).

I used to write a whole lot in 8th grade, and--

Alright, sorry for this interruption, but "Say Aah" by Trey Songz just came on in the "Top 2010 Hits" playlist, and my childhood has just been ruined for the thousandth time. When I was younger, I thought this song was an absolute BOP! I loved dancing to it, and I thought it was just about alcohol. Buuuut, now that I heard the ending when the ad libs changed to "tilt your head back... there you go... oh, uh, no hands, baby..." then I knew. Rip me.

...Anyways, I used to write a lot in 8th grade just for fun (mainly stupid stories my friends and I made on Wattpad), so I'm deciding to bring that back and just write a short story every now and then. Writing and complaining about my life isn't really going to solve anything, so today I'm going to be using a random prompt generator to write a small story. (I may just write a bit tonight and finish it another day.)

Okay, it wasn't 2 minutes, but I just really liked this image. I actually spent around 5 minutes looking for a random prompt that I thought would suit me, and this is what I found-

A major villain is unexpectedly pregnant with the child of a major protagonist.

Yup, veeery interesting. Buuuuut it's 10:30 and I'm tired, so I'll be back later ;)

2 Week Update: Challenge (kinda) Failed

Posted by Madame Lasagna on April 12, 2019 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)


It's been 2 weeks since I started my little challenge, and the first week went well. I finished reading a book and didn't procrastinate the whole weekend. However, I started to create my own little "loopholes" to the whole "only use Youtube for education" thing.

I'd watch a bunch of college videos and say to myself "I'm getting advice about college, so that still counts as educational!" But then I'd go off into watching "first day of college" vlogs and college acceptance reactions, which isn't educational in any way whatsoever.

From that point on, I didn't completely go off into watching random videos, but I watched so many DarkMatter2525 videos and claimed to myself it was informative and educational. So I technically wasn't breaking any rules. However, it still distracted me somewhat, and I'm gonna create consequences for myself because I'm very self-disciplined ;)

For getting a bit off track this week, I'm going to add 9 more days (so my new end date will be May 10th, 2019) and I'll now be adding a rule that states that I can't watch more than 3 Youtube videos a day (and they still have to be informative, motivational, or educational in some way).

Sorry that this post is short and boring, but it's late and I'm pretty tired. Not much else happened and I didn't break my oath that much, except I used Reddit to post a question to get some advice on something. Well, that's all for now, and I may just post a huge blurb of word vomit in another post tomorrow. Adios!!

Girl Becomes a Social Outcast Challenge! (GONE WRONG)(GONE SCARY)

Posted by Madame Lasagna on March 30, 2019 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Alrighty, here comes my doom. It was nice knowing you, nonexistent readers and fanbase (because who the heck is reading this right now?)!

But really, there’s a lot of reasons why I’m deciding to delete all of my social media accounts (except Youtube, Reddit, and Amino) and just taking a break from the Internet in general. I’ve thought about doing this for a long time, but I just started planning it over a week ago. I’ve said a lot of my reasons to other people, sort of in an attempt to join me. This is because I notice how people today are becoming more and more disconnected from each other. So taking a break from it all is sort of a little “experiment” for me.

What I’ll be testing:





◦Attention span/how focused I am

◦Amount of sleep per night

◦More evaluating of my surroundings and other people’s use of phones, tablets, etc.

Now, for the focus and memory one, they both have decreased for me over the past two years or so. I thought it was just me, but I asked a friend of mine and she said the same thing happened to her. This leads me to believe that maybe using our phones too much is decreasing our attention span and that it also makes us have worse memory.

Personally, I think that our attention span is decreasing because everything comes so quick to us on the internet, and everything is being thrown in our direction all at once. Ex. On YouTube, the recommended section holds a variety of eye-catching thumbnails and content. It makes us want to click on one video after another even though we didn’t finish the video we were currently watching. Bored with one video? Then click another! Bored with that video? Then watch another video!

I would talk about the memory aspect, but I have to keep this entry moving. There are plenty of other reasons, like the self-esteem issue, but I’ll discuss that in another entry, too. Soooo, how long am I going to be doing this for? One month. Yes, you read that correctly. One. Full. Month. How will I survive?!

Now, for the rules:

◦Of course, no social media.

◦No YouTube. Exception: Only use the other account I created with subscriptions to productivity and educational channels. Use only for school, music, “study with me” videos, etc.

◦No video games.

◦Since I’m pushing it a bit to the extreme, no TV watching (unless it’s Jeopardy or the news).

◦Allowed to listen to music, because misophonia sucks and I’d probably jump off a cliff if it weren’t for my earbuds.

◦Use phone only for music, texting (I hardly text anyone, anyways), calling, checking SIS and Remind, Googling, using educational apps, and anything else of this sort.

◦Use laptop for the same things, in addition to YouTube for school and productivity.

◦Don't use phone when I first wake up in the morning (unless turning off alarm) or one hour before I go to bed (unless setting an alarm).

◦Break any of these rules, and I’ll have to add another day.

Start date: March 30, 2019

End date: April 30, 2019

Here’s to becoming a social outcast!

Let the games begin.

(Edit: One more additional rule is that I'm allowed to watch only one movie or 2-3 episodes of a show every weekend.)


Posted by Theta124 on March 3, 2019 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Try our new Mountain Dew It, for only 13.99 a bottle, extra dark side included.

Welcome to Tamrial

Posted by Theta124 on March 3, 2019 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

So Basically: Skyrim. The greatest RPG of all time and this is the plot: 

You are an idiot, got caught, got away, worked for some king guy, fought giants and dragons, met old men, worked with old men, shouted at old men, got sexy with old men, get a horn for said sex, met a girl (WHAT?), committed espionage, meet another berned out old man, find a wall (NOT TRUMP), but it isn't blocking anything, call a red dragon (turns out to be a prank call), ride dragon, go to heaven, Dragon is god, kill God. 

Did I get that right?

I seriously need to watch Star Wars sometime so I can finally understand these references

Posted by Madame Lasagna on February 15, 2019 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I'm pickin' up my blaster,

Puttin' it at my side

I'm jumping in my Falcon,

Wookiee at my side

I'm Solo,

I'm Han Solo,

I'm Han Solo,

I'm Han Solo, SOLOOOO!


(Definitely not doing this just to replace the last post.)

I'm gonna die

Posted by Theta124 on February 13, 2019 at 9:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Alright guys this is it. My final hurrah. if I am dead in the next 24 hours, these are my requests.

I want Viva la vida and la cucaracha played at my funeral

I want a metal bar shoved up my ass like Evan Michalak

I want an extra chromosome transplanted into my brain like Matthew

I want a puppy

I want a stupid grin like Adam

I want a piece of cringe from Alyssa

I want the heart of Hannah put next to my grave

I want Trump to show up

I want to be blanketed in Preston's fat

I would like Emily and Mabel to go to sleep with me

And I want a stereo playing 24 hours worth of bad 80s music. 

These are my demands, or I will spook you, from my bullet infested body

Also, thanks to everyone in my life. Its been great guys. See you on the other side

Ok so here is the thing.

Posted by Theta124 on February 7, 2019 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I was walking down the street on Saturday and I saw a giant...


Weren't expecting that one were you


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My Ex Boyfriend Is A Complete Idiot

Posted by Madame Lasagna on February 5, 2019 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (1)

Well it's been a long time since I wrote on this thing. Anyways, I've been talking to my ex for a few hours for whatever reason, and he's a complete idiot. That's all.

Just Gonna Rant, Fam

Posted by Madame Lasagna on December 20, 2016 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)

So, it's been a while. & Let's forget about that wanting to be a future ballet performer lol. I did ballet this summer, and here's to sum it all up-- I sucked. I missed a lot of classes because of vacation, summer project, and switching from my dad's house to my mom's every week. I once came back from dance class with tears in my eyes because my teacher made me re do my part in front of everyone. Moral of story: Ballet is harder than you think. Anyways, Christmas is in, what, less than a week? That means that this is the last week of school. So what do we have before the end of this semester? You guessed it: Midterms! You'd think that for something as big as midterms, we would be warned months before, right? But nope! Our teachers had given us our study guides LAST THURSDAY! Not even a week before midterms week! It's Tuesday, and we had a midterm on Monday, today, then tomorrow, and Thursday (the last day of school for 2016).